Navidad con Trufo Jumper

Navidad con Trufo Jumper 1.1

Trufo Jumper is a new challenge at Christmas.

Trufo Jumper is a new challenge at Christmas.

Trufo Jumper is a new challenge at Christmas.

Trufo helps you find your way to your beloved princess, dodging various obstacles

- Fallen vacuum

- Watchdogs ...

You must rescue the princess which is sequestered in a castle.

Features and Benefits:

- The game has 5 levels , if you get to the fifth level you can participate in raffles smartphones that are held monthly

- You can get more coins for punctuation .

- You can get a better score and earn more points by sharing this game on social networks like facebook and google+

- Table of scores, you can compete with your friends and see who is the best.

- Watch the video for a demonstration of how to play .

- Available for tablets

Game Instructions .

At the start screen press "Go to the game" -> "Play " and touch the screen to begin.

The game is simple , you have to jump from step to step to reach the princess castle . Avoid dropping , hitting a guard dog because you lose the game .

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About permissions :


You do not have to spend money for this application , thanks to the " Share ", " Like" and "+1" help us continue to grow our community that are more than 250 000 supporters join us .


Allows the application to save the game file on the SD card.

Support is available in the following countries :

United States Of America (EEUU), UK, England, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Nigeria, India, Bahamas, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Puerto Rico, France, Italy and Germany.

Navidad con Trufo Jumper


Navidad con Trufo Jumper 1.1